Habit Cards

On one of our first weeks with our new primary class in 2017, we realized that our kids were not exactly being kind to one another. I studied up on charity, trying to figure out how I can help them develop Christ-like love, especially for one another. After cracking open our scriptures, we realized that if we want our primary kids to be loving, we first have to help them increase their faith and hope (Moroni 7:42-44). Building faith, though, is not just a Sunday activity. As a result, we are rewarding our kids for praying and reading outside of class, as well as doing other faith-building things. We are focusing on one habit a week, and for the first few weeks we worked on scripture study. Not only are these great habits for them to have, but they also will build their faith in Christ and help them become more like him.

You’ll notice that each card explains the reward system – that each child gets a treat for every individual time they do the habit, and if they have a perfect record, they get an additional big treat. We usually do small treats like blueberries or bananas with cool whip, and our bigger treat is something like a clementine or a rice crispy treat.

Feel free to download and use the habit cards we have made! You can download them in a PDF format (leave a comment if you want these documents in Word and I’d be happy to put them up.)

February 19-26

February 26-March 5

March 19-25

March 26-April 1