Prophet Matching Game: Lesson 15

I have to admit, when I first read the Doctrine and Covenants chapters associated with this lesson, I could not figure out what the lesson was about! I didn’t look at the title of the lesson or anything, I just read the scripture passages; maybe I was tired, maybe I was uninspired. Anyways, after reading through the lesson, I came up with some games for our kids to play.

We had a substitute last week, but the week before last we had a good discussion with our class; we recently implemented a rule from last year’s class that if anyone in the class is disrespectful or irreverent, the class gets two strikes and then we sit in silence and read scriptures for the rest of class. We were trying to give our kids a little leeway, so if they spoke out of turn, we started just saying, “I can’t hear you! I don’t think you raised your hand!” Then they would shoot up their hand and we’d call on them. One of the students said, “That is so annoying that you keep saying that.” Ouch! So we had a discussion about why we implemented this seemingly over-the-top strict rule.

Jeremy and I stood at the front of the classroom, and asked, “Who teaches you about Jesus?” The class answered that us teachers do. Their mouth literally dropped open when we explained that as much as we talk and talk and try our best to teach them about Jesus, it’s not really us that teaches them – it’s the Holy Ghost. We explained how he talks to us – through thoughts and feelings – and how we can’t tell what he’s saying if it’s loud in class. We had a student come up to the front of class, and had the rest of the class sing a primary song while I whispered, “Love Jesus” in her ear. She only heard the word “Jesus.” and didn’t get the whole message; we discussed with the class that if we are loud and crazy during class, that we are preventing other people from getting answers to their prayers. We gave them some examples of prayers that someone could be waiting for answers to, and explained that by following the rule we have in class, they will be able to help other people get answers to their prayers.

Hopefully this week’s lesson will be interesting enough to capture their attention, and also invite the Spirit in a way to teach them about prophets and their teachings!


Goal: Help children gain a testimony of living prophets

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Print off Prophet Quotes Matching Game and cut out the white circles.
  2. Print off relevant coloring pages about Joseph Smith or the 9th Article of Faith from

How to:

  1. As outlined in the Primary Manual, play a game of Simon Says; explain to the class they will get lots of instructions from different people in their lives, but they shouldn’t listen to all of them. The Prophet, though, is someone we can always trust and we should always do as he says.
  2. Explain the historical account in the Primary Manual, which talks about how people were trying to receive revelation for the entire church. The Lord revealed to Joseph Smith that only the current prophet can do that.
  3. Post the images of the 5 prophets in the printout on the chalk board (the images that have the prophets’ names on them). Give each child a turn to hold up a picture of a prophet with the face cut out, and read the quote on the back from that prophet. Have the class guess which prophet the student is being, and post the quote next to the complete picture of the prophet on the chalk board.
  4. Watch President Thomas S. Monson’s recent talk about the Book of Mormon and discuss how we can follow his teachings.
  5. Hand out coloring pages if needed.

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