Gospel of Jesus Christ Necklace: Lesson 12

Primary 5 Lesson 12: Important Ordinances are Restored

Last year when we taught about the Doctrine of Christ, we did a worksheet and the kids really enjoyed getting to work on their own and look up scriptures. However, our kids this year are not as interested in academic-type things, nor do they care about getting to work on their own. We are trying to figure out what sorts of things will interest this year’s class, so we are going to try and combine a few ideas this week in order to hopefully hold their attention.

Lesson 12

We wanted this lesson to be fun, but also help the kids grasp the importance of the Doctrine of Christ. This is so important! The Doctrine of Christ is what helps us get back home, and is the map to a peaceful life during our life on earth. We want them to have that! So there is some level of just understanding the principles that we wanted to get across to the kids. Our class, though, gets bored. Last week one of the kids was so frustrated that she had to come to church every week instead of reading her scriptures and praying at home – hopefully this lesson will both answer that question as well as hold her interest long enough to realize she got the answer to the question.

We’re still using habit cards, and have moved on to scripture study. We even gave all of our kids mini Book of Mormons to try and make it more novel for them. They loved getting a present last week, so hopefully that will spark their interest in participating if the treats don’t!

Goal: help the children understand how to implement the Doctrine of Christ and gain a testimony of it.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. String
  2. Images for Necklace printed double sided
  3. Crayons and pencils
  4. Hole puncher

How to:

  1. Give each child a sheet of the “Images for Necklace” document. Either cut out each image before hand or have them do it.
  2. As a class, answer the questions on the back of each image and have each child write down the answer. Let them color each image in with crayons or colored pencils. Hole punch the tops of each image and string them on to a necklace for the child to take home.
    1. The steps of repentance (or the ABC’s of repentance) are
      1. A – Acknowledge that I did something wrong
      2. B – Be sorry
      3. C – Confess my sin or mistake
      4. D – Don’t do it again
      5. E – Eternally rely on Jesus Christ
  3. You may want to tell stories to illustrate the answers to each of the questions, or ask the children for examples.



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