Church Organization Game: Lesson 11

Primary 5 Lesson 11: The Restored Church of Jesus Christ is Organized

Well, the last few weeks with our class have been a little rough. I think it’s that time of year where the kids start testing their boundaries and seeing how far we’ll go. It’s been pretty frustrating and exhausting – so time to reboot the primary lessons that are disguised as games. I haven’t been updating the blog this year because I had hopes that maybe I wouldn’t have to create a game every single week. But alas, the kids need it because my husband and I are apparently boring teachers

Also, we have started something called “Habit Cards.” On one of our first weeks, we realized how our kids were not exactly being kind to one another. After reading more about charity, we realized that if we want our primary kids to be loving, we first have to help them increase their faith and hope. Building faith, though, is not just a Sunday activity. As a result, we are rewarding our kids for praying and reading outside of class. Not only are these great habits for them to have, but they also will build their faith in Christ and help them become more like him. You can download this week’s habit card here.

Goal: Help kids gain a testimony that through revelation the true church was restored to the earth.

Supplies needed:

  1. 7 Envelopes
  2. Envelope Stuffers for Lesson 11
  3. QR reading app on your phone
  4. Chalk
  5. A magnet
  6. Dice

Do ahead of time:

  1. Number seven envelopes and put the envelope stuffers in the corresponding envelope.
  2. The page after #3 has a list of colored names. Cut that page into puzzle piece shapes for the kids to assemble, and put in envelope #3.
  3. The answer for page #4 is that the early saints had a Sacrament meeting. Use this opportunity to talk about the Sacrament.
  4. The page after #5 is a list of the steps of repentance. They go in alphabetical order. Explain to the kids that these are the “ABC’s” or repentance, which will help them remember the steps. Add these strips to envelope #5.
  5. This is a reboot of a previous primary game. Draw bubbles on the chalk board similar to that lesson, so the children can move their character through the path. See the picture above. Write numbers 1-7 spread out throughout the bubbles.
  6. When you arrive to the class before your kids, place the envelopes around the room.

How to:

  1.  Each kid gets a turn rolling dice and moving the class’s magnet along the path. If they get to a number they have to stop, and that kid gets to find the envelope in the room with the corresponding number, and the class answers the question or does the activity inside the envelope.



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