Doctrine of Christ Worksheet and Game: Lesson 38

Primary 4 Lesson 38: Peace Among the Nephites

3 Nephi 28:1-16, 23-40; 4 Nephi

Although worksheets can be boring, it’s a great way for our kids to get to work on their own (which they seem to thrive at) at keeps them focused. One option for this lesson is to have them work on the worksheet on their own, but in order for our kids to ask questions, I think we are going to turn this worksheet into a game.

With our lesson last week about the Plan of Salvation, I am really looking forward to this lesson about the Doctrine of Christ – this is what our responsibility is and God’s method for us to return to him safely, through Jesus Christ. Although it’s easy to summarize the doctrine of Christ, it’s hard to live. Might as well start now, while you’re in 3rd grade!

Goal: Help children understand the Doctrine of Christ so they can experience peace and happiness.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Tennis ball
  2. Toilet paper rolls, at least 6
  3. Doctrine of Christ Worksheet

How to play the game:

  1. Set up 6 toilet paper rolls in a pyramid, like this website. 
  2. Hand out the worksheets.
  3. Give each chid a turn to knock down the paper rolls with the tennis ball. Don’t reset the pyramid unless the entire pyramid was knocked down. Each time a person knocks down the whole pyramid, let them choose which question on the worksheet we will answer as a class.

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