Christ Blessing the Children Terrarium: Lesson 35

Primary 4 Book of Mormon Lesson 34

3 Nephi 17

img_0127Okay so I have a confession. Sometimes our kids are still crazy energetic, regardless of the fun games we bring. As a result, we had to implement a rule in our classroom that if our students were disrespectful, we we would stop playing the fun game and everyone would have to read their scriptures silently for the rest of class. And you know what – they LOVED it! They were all asking us where to find their favorite scripture stories, and were super excited about reading about stories they’ve always heard of.


Christ Blesses the Children Terrarium

Since they loved getting to read silently on their own, we decided to do “personal study” the next week; I brought my Preach My Gospel from my mission, and had them find the missionary schedule in it. We had them spend some time at the beginning of the class doing “personal study” in the current chapter of the lesson, and then we did “companionship study” where everyone shared what they learned. The kids liked it, partially because it mixed class up a little bit and was something new, and partially because they got to do something on their own.

Christ Blesses the Children Terrarium

In this lesson we will do something similar. We are going to give the kids some time to read the story themselves, and then give them a chance to depict the story in an artistic way.

Goal: Give the children a chance to read about Jesus Christ, which will help them gain a testimony that Jesus Christ loves them.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Canning jars. I used wide mouth “Pint and a Half” jars, that I bought here.
  2. I went to the beach and collected sand, and large and small rocks that my kids can put in their terrarium. I also used some dirt from my garden. You may want to put the dirt, sand, and gravel in the jars ahead of time to avoid messes in the classroom like I did. But it can be done during class as well.
  3. I purchased a succulent that can be separated and put into each child’s terrarium Paints and paint brushes for the children to decorate their rocks with. I have a set of acrylic paints and paint brushes for the kids to use, as well as markers.

How to do this lesson:

  1. Give the children 15 minutes of personal study where they read through 3 Nephi 17 on their own.
  2. Have companionship study, where everyone shares something they learned or liked from what they read on their own.
  3. If the children didn’t get a chance to read all or most of the chapter, summarize it yourself or show them this video on the Mormon Channel.
  4. Explain to the children that we are going to make a terrarium

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