Sacrament Scripture Find: Lesson 36

Primary 4 Book of Mormon Lesson #36: Jesus Christ Gives the Sacrament to the Nephites

3 Nephi 18:1-14

I remember when I was in Primary, and the teacher would ask us to look up a scripture. There was lots of looking at the table of contents and sharing page numbers once someone had found the scripture. Sometimes it was stressful; I remember feeling embarrassed if I was the one taking a long time to locate said scripture. (Such anxiety is no surprise if you intimately know me – I’m a bit of a comical mess sometimes.)


With these funny memories of primary scripture chases, and considering this year’s primary theme being centered on scriptures, my husband and I started the year with a big goal: that all of our kids could easily find scriptures in the Book of Mormon. We drilled the Books of the Book Of Mormon song in our primary class for months, and know they all know it by heart. We also went over at least twice a month what a reference like “Alma 1:2” means, and how to figure out what chapter and verse is listed. Now our kids sing the Book of Mormon song to themselves when they are trying to find a scripture.

I’m proud to say that our kids are successful in finding scriptures on their own! But because it’s only October, we decided to introduce more ways to use the scriptures to our kids; this week, we are going to use the Index. I served my mission two years ago, and I’m sure that most missionaries use their iPads now instead of paper scriptures, but the topical guide was a life saver on my mission! While sitting in lessons with investigators and trying to find that one specific scripture that answers their questions, the index was extremely valuable.  Not only that, but it’s helpful for personal scripture study.


Goal: To help children gain a testimony of the Savior, and always remember Him. Also, learn how to use the Index.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Download this work sheet: Book of Mormon Sacrament and Index Work Sheet
  2. Get construction paper. Review these instructions to make a cup.

How to:

  1. Review the Books of the Book of Mormon song in the Primary Songbook.
  2. As a class, review the top of the worksheet to understand how to find scriptures in the Index.
  3. Hand out the work sheets to the children. Either have them complete the entire worksheet on their own, or have them do one or two per person and come back together as a group and share answers.
  4. If there is extra time or the kids get bored, let them make a “sacrament cup” out of origami.
  5. You may also want to watch the video for this lesson here.



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