Christ Throughout the Plan of Salvation: Lesson 33

Primary 4 Book of Mormon Lesson #33: The Savior Appears to the Nephites

3 Nephi 8-11


Something I have totally LOVED about Primary is getting to answer questions from our kids, particularly on doctrinal subjects that they don’t totally understand. It makes me feel like I’m helping them in an important way. One of the things I’ve noticed in our Primary class is that our kids don’t totally understand the Plan of Salvation; when they first found out what Judgement Day was and its significance, they were very surprised, as if this was news to them. Everything post-death is very confusing t them, so the more frequently we put our lessons in the context of the Plan of Salvation, the better! Putting these big concepts into the context of a game seems to give the kids a chance to ask questions about what they don’t understand.

Christ Throughout the Plan of Salvation

Goal: Help children understand Christ’s role throughout the Plan of Salvation. As a result, strengthen each child’s testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he is our Savior, and that he lives today.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. We’ll be using the same game from this lesson. Use the same Plan of Salvation images from the previous lesson, or print it off again here: Plan of Salvation images. This time use Jesus as your character for the game.
  2. Print off the envelope stuffers. These are about the Savior and his role throughout the Plan of Salvation: Envelope Stuffers for Christ Plan of Salvation Lesson
  3. Number the outside of 14 envelopes. Put the pre-numbered Envelope Stuffers documents in the corresponding envelopes.
  4. Dice

Do ahead of time:

  1. Hide envelopes around the room.
  2. Post the Plan of Salvation images that you cut out on the chalk board. Draw spaces for the kids to move the character on. The following numbers should be near the corresponding part of the Plan of Salvation, like shown in the above image:
    1. Pre-earth life: 1, 2
    2. Birth: 3
    3. Life on Earth: 4, 5
    4. Death: 6
    5. Spirit World: 7
    6. Resurrection: 8-12
    7. Judgement Day: 13
    8. 3 Kingdoms: 14

How to play the game:

  1. The class will move Jesus through the Plan of Salvation as a group. Each child takes a turn rolling a dice. When a child reaches a numbered space, they have to stop; regardless of what number they rolled. They must find the envelope with the corresponding number and follow the instructions in their envelope.
  2. This game will require having your kids sing the Primary song “This is My Beloved Son.” If they don’t already know it, Sugardoodle has some good ideas on how to teach the kids this song.




PDF Downloads:



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