Signs of Christ’s Birth: Lesson 32

Primary 4 Book of Mormon Lesson #32: Signs In America of Jesus Christ’s Birth

3 Nephi 1-2

Primary 4 Lesson 32 Book of Mormon Lesson - A fun primary lesson about the signs on the American continent of Christ's birth!


So when we first started teaching Primary, our kids were always wanting to run around, so at first we would play games like four corners. But to be honest, four corners is not particularly spiritual in nature and it just seemed to rial them up more. So this lesson is a great option – because the kids get to punch a hole in something!! I don’t know a kid that won’t totally love this lesson.


Signs of Christ's Coming ImagesGoals: Learn the different signs of Christ’s birth, and that when we have faith signs can strengthen our testimonies of Christ.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Make punch board, see directions we used here. We used a foam board that was a little more sturdy. I painted it with watercolors, which I think turned out beautifully!.
  2. Put objects representing the signs of Christ’s birth inside the cups in the punch board. Then cover with the tissue paper and rubber band. You can download my drawings here and cut them out: Signs of Christ’s Coming Images. Cut the scriptures off the image before you put them in the bunch board.
  3. Write the following scriptures on the board, or download a document to print here: Scripture signs of Christ’s Birth
    1. Helaman 14:2
    2. 3 Nephi 1:8, 15
    3. 3 Nephi 1:5-7
    4. 3 Nephi 1:9
    5. 3 Nephi 1:12-14
    6. 3 Nephi 1:21

How to play the game:

  1. Write the above scriptures on the board, or post the printed scriptures on the board in class.
  2. Have the class look up the scriptures as a class. Give each child a turn to write a summary of a scripture on the chalk board of the scripture.
  3. Give each child a chance to punch through one of the cups on the punch board. Have them try to match the item in the cup to one of the scriptures the class has already read.
  4. If you have extra time on your hands, download a coloring page here for the kids to do.




PDF downloads


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