“Powder” of the Priesthood Story Time: Lesson 30

Book of Mormon Lesson #30: Nephi Receives Great Power

Helaman 10

Okay, so what kid doesn’t LOVE story time? We decided to make a “story time” in order to illustrate the power of the priesthood. We brought a quilt, laid it out on the floor of our classroom, and provided powdered donuts – get it, “powder” of the priesthood? Power of the priesthood? (insert forced laugh) The kids thought is was cheesy and funny though, and that’s all that mattered. For this lesson we only had 3 girls there that day, and this really brought the quiet ones out of their shell. It was awesome!


Goal: Understand the power of the priesthood and the miracles that can occur through that power.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Print off Preisthood power stories double sided and post them around the classroom.
  2. Bring a blanket to sit on, and donuts.

How to play the game:

  1. Give each child a turn to pick a story off the wall and read it to the class. Feast on powdered donuts while you listen to stories!

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