Book of Mormon Clue: Lesson 29

Book of Mormon Lesson #29: Nephi Prophesies

Helaman 6:18-23, 7-9

So when my husband and I were brainstorming about how to make this game, the first thing we thought of was clue – this story is TOTALLY a murder mystery! We compiled a bunch of murder stories in the Book of Mormon to make our own version of Clue. This game is a little different because you are trying to figure out the murderer, the victim, and the weapon used. Locations are on the board, but they aren’t relevant to the player’s guesses.

This game was a huge success with our kids once they learned how to play Clue (I grew up playing this game but I guess kids today don’t). At the end we all knelt around the board game on the floor and told them all the stories that the game included. They were so excited, and kept saying, “Tell us another story!” This was a great way to get the kids pumped about stories in the Book of Mormon. One kid did say, “The Book of Mormon is violent!” so be prepared for that.

Book of Mormon Clue

Goal: Understand how miraculous it was that Nephi prophesied of the murder. As a result, understand the importance of prophets.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Print off Clue cards on cardstock and cut out: Clue Cards
  2. Print off a list of victims, weapons, and murderers for the kids to use while playing the game: List of Victims, murderers, weapons
  3. Print off board game:  Book of Mormon Clue Board
  4. Print off Characters and victims for the kids to use as their place keeper. They can use either a victim or a murderer as their place keeper. Place the weapons from this document on the corresponding location on the board (these will never move):
    1. Judgement seat, blood stained cloak
    2. Mount Antipas, poison
    3. Tent, javelin
    4. Wall, city wall
    5. Castle, fire
    6. Field, sword
  5. Dice
  6. 1 envelop. Place Cezoram, Seantum, and the Blood Stained Cloak cards in the envelope since this is what the lesson is about.

How to play the game:

  1. Have each child pick a character to use.
  2. Pass out an even amount of cards to each child.
  3. Take turns moving around the board. When a child enters a “room” they must make a guess about who the murderer and victim are, and what the murder weapon is.
  4. When a child makes a guess, starting with the player to the child’s left, have the other classmates show the child one card that can disprove their guess (i.e. if the child guesses the weapon is poison, and the player to the left has the poison card, they should show that child the poison card). Once one classmate has shown a card to disprove the guess, the turn is over.
  5. Continue until someone correctly guesses the cards in the envelope.






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