Christ is our Foundation Blocks: Lesson 28

Book of Mormon Lesson #28: Nephi and Lehi in Prison

Helaman 5


Goal: To visualize how we need to make sure Christ is our foundation, and to practice looking up scriptures and reading them aloud.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Wooden blocks. Use ones you have at home or buy the ones we used here. Write the number and corresponding scripture reference on one block, then on a different block write the same number and the corresponding question about that scripture. Click here for the list of scriptures (they are the scriptures listed in the Primary manual): Scriptures and Questions for Book of Mormon Lesson 28
  2. Different types of foundations. A rock, a marshmallow, a wooden blank, or a ball are some examples.

How to play the game:

  1. Split the class into two teams. Have them pick the foundation they want to use for their block tower. The teams will be competing to see who can make the tallest tower!
  2. Give each team a turn to find the next pair of blocks in the number sequence. Have them read the scripture and answer the question on the block, then add the block to their team’s tower. They need to continue to use the foundation they chose.
  3. Talk with the kids about which foundations worked and which ones didn’t, and why their team chose the foundation that they did. Discuss how Christ is the foundation that we want to build our lives on.





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