Title of Liberty and Stripling Warriors: Lesson 26, 27

Book of Mormon Lesson #26: Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty

Alma 46, 48, 49:21-30


Book of Mormon Lesson #27: Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors

Alma 53:10-23, 56:1-58:27Primary 4 Lesson 26, 27 Title of Liberty and Stripling Warriors

This lesson was pretty much perfectly timed. We only had four or five students in our class that day, and the younger CTR class even combined with us (it’s definitely summer!) so you know this is going to work well timing-wise. I combined these two lessons together because I felt like we could cover the main ideas from both in a short amount of time since these are common stories that kids already are aware of. What’s awesome is that the August 2000 Friend has a Stripling Warriors board game that you can use. Awesome! It does print off a little pixelated though.

stripling warriors game.jpg

Goal: review the plot of these two stories and think about what they would put on their own Title of Liberty

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Print off the Stripling Warriors board game 
  2. Bring buttons or some other object to hold their place in the game.
  3. Buy and cut fabric into handkerchief-sized pieces
  4. Bring markers or crayons for drawing on fabric
  5. Dice

How to play the game:

  1. Watch Youtube video about the Title of Liberty. It’s on the Mormon Channel account titled “Book of Mormon Stories (32/54): Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty.”
  2. Read Alma 46:12 as a class.
  3. Discuss things you could write on your own title of liberty. Here are some examples
    1. Your testimony
    2. An image that means something special to you
    3. A color that means something special to you
  4. Ask children if they know who the Stripling Warriors were. Recount the story or ask a child to.
  5. Give each child a button/small object, and put board game on table or chalk board.
  6. According to lds.org, the game should be played as follows. “Stripling warriors take turns rolling the die and moving that number of spaces on the board. When a warrior lands on a space with writing, he/she must read what it says aloud, then obey the directions or answer the question. Then the scripture reference should be looked up and read aloud. If the answer to the question was correct, the warrior gets another turn; there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. After a warrior reaches VICTORY, he/she uses his/her future turns to help the warrior farthest away, until all the stripling warriors have achieved VICTORY.”



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