Families and the Plan of Salvation: Lesson 23

Book of Mormon Lesson #23: Alma Counsels His Sons Helaman and Shiblon

Alma 37-38

Plan of Salvation Helaman Counsels His Sons

After reading through this lesson, I tried to find the big picture message for the entire lesson, which seemed to have to do with families. Alma teaches his children and gives them counsel. This occurs in all families, where parents help their children. This method of spiritual and temporal education seems to occur because it’s part of God’s plan. Families seem to be designed as the most effective method to help us return back to God. (And the Church supports the family, making that journey possible through priesthood ordinances.) So naturally, putting this lesson in the context of the Plan of Salvation seemed to fit.


Goal: The goal of this lesson is to understand how families can help us return to live with God again and the family’s role throughout the Plan of Salvation.

Supplies you need ahead of time:

  1. Print off Plan of Salvation images. (Use the couple as your character, not Jesus. Both are in this document.)
  2. Print off Envelope Stuffers.
  3. Print off The Family a Proclamation to the World.
  4. Label 11 envelopes on the outside, numbering them 1 to 11. Put the pre-numbered “Envelope Stuffers” documents in the corresponding envelope.
  5. Put “The Family a Proclamation to the World” document in envelope #4.
  6. Dice (we used a 4-sided dice)

Do ahead of time:

  1. Make “tomb rolls” that will come in handy for envelope number 9. Go to this site for the recipe.
  2. Cut out Plan of Salvation items from the “Plan of Salvation Images” document.
  3. Tape Plan of Salvation items onto chalk board. Draw spaces for the kids to move their character on. The following numbers should be near the corresponding part of the Plan of Salvation, like shown in the above image:
    1. Pre-earth life: 1, 2
    2. Earth Life: 3-7
    3. Spirit World: 8
    4. Resurrection: 9
    5. 3 Kingdoms of Glory: 10, 11
  4. Hide the envelopes around the classroom.

How to play the game:

  1. There is one married couple (who has a sneaking resemblance to my husband I…) that the class will move through the Plan of Salvation as a group. Each child takes a turn rolling a 4-sided dice (or a normal dice if you have enough spaces in between the numbers – we used a 4-sided dice because we didn’t have a lot of spaces for them to land on). When a child reaches a number space, they HAVE to stop; regardless of what number they rolled. They must find the envelope with the corresponding number and follow the instructions in their envelope.



PDF Downloads:


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